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TeamChat Means Real-Time Collaboration Without E-mails.

The Modern Messaging and Collaboration Tool for Teams & Projects.

Familiar TeamChat interface for conversation within different groups.

Much More Than Group Chat

TeamChat is available online or as a desktop app. Both versions allow users to have conversations with multiple groups of people at once, plan meetings, conference calls, webmeetings or edit documents collaboratively. Anyone can join public rooms while private rooms are for invitees only.

  • Free Guest Accounts

    Team members can invite external users to join the conversation and work on shared documents. TeamChat thus brings more flexible and effective communication between teams across companies and organizations.

  • Real-time Active Directory Sync

    Virtually no setup or management is required. Organizational structure is synchronized from Active Directory.

  • Unlimited Number of Chat Rooms

    Chat rooms are separated into groups reflecting organizational structure. Users can click the + button to create a room and invite others.

  • Comments, Pins and Mentions

    Add a comment, mention a colleague, share the files by dragging them to the chat or pin important content to let others know.

  • Desktop Notifications

    Notifications can be selectively turned on for each room so users don’t miss any important messages.

  • API Ready

    The TeamChat platform is completely ready to integrate with third party applications using its Slack compatible API, offering extended functionality for teams.

See Tech Specs for More Details

Documents, Calendars, Webmeetings. All Integrated.

Empowering Users with the Tools They Need to Work Together.

Document sharing with others directly from the chat window.

All features integrated into chat

Turn discussion into action without leaving the chat window. With one click, you can schedule a meeting, share a document, invite a guest to a conversation or start a web conference.

  • Create a Meeting

    Easily schedule an online meeting with all team members. The meeting invitation will appear to all members with an action button to join.

  • Work on Documents

    Create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation in a single click or simply upload your files using drag and drop to share them with your team before editing them collaboratively online.

  • Start Webmeeting

    Set up a web meeting with your team that they can join directly from a chat room.

  • Invite Guests

    Invite external users to join a chat. They will have the same powerful tools available including document editing.

See Tech Specs for More Details

Talk Privately in Chat. For Web, Desktop or Mobile.

Secure Instant Messaging and Call Conferencing Without Leaving a Chat Window.

Cross platform applications to communicate with people – TeamChat Desktop, IceChat.

Chat and Video Calls

Private chat makes it easy for users to connect and communicate with each other from anywhere, available on the web, desktop and smartphones. When messaging is not enough, users can have live video and audio calls over the Internet. For privacy all connections and data are encrypted.

  • Private Chat

    The integrated chat lets you communicate privately 1-on-1 on both the web and desktop. You can also jump on a call or a webmeeting directly from the WebChat window.

  • Compatibility with MacOS

    Configure IceWarp private chat in Messages and once the connection is made you are ready to start IceWarp chat from Messages.

  • IceChat

    Professional mobile messenger for iOS. Notifications are pushed to your device even if the app is not open. Sensitive conversations can be protected by TouchID.

  • Send Anything

    The plus button lets users share their current location, image, file or an animated GIF straight from Giphy.

  • Video Calls

    Directly in the browser you can start a video or audio call using advanced WebRTC technology.

See Tech Specs for More Details

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