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Documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The same as in your favorite Office suite.

Editing and creating online documents directly in your browser, exactly as you are used to on your desktop.

Simple to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Editing Documents Online

A complete storage solution for your team, including editing and creating documents, versioning, fast sharing. Everything is fully integrated into the rest of application for work with e-mail, TeamChat or your own Instant Messaging solution.

  • True Document Editing

    View and edit Office documents exactly the same as on your desktop: with tables, charts, word-art, styles and much more.

  • Many File Formats

    Create new documents with a single click in the +New menu. Export them to PDF or to other formats 100% compatible with Microsoft Office.

  • Familiar and Feature-Rich

    Get live font preview, printing support, spell-checker, equation editor, review mode and many other useful tools.

  • Lightweight Document Management

    Work on documents collaboratively: preview, edit, share & notify others. Easily get back to previous versions if needed.

See Tech Specs for More Details

Online Storage and File Sharing

Online storage hosted on your server or in private cloud with the ability to sync files and folders using FileSync to Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.

Synchronized files can be easily shared to external users simply as a link.

Private Cloud

Save your files, Office documents, and attachments to secure online storage. All your files are stored in one place so FileSync can easily sync them to your PC. Files you modified on your PC are automatically updated in the background, keeping them current everywhere. FileSync also allows for synchronizing team-shared files in TeamChat.

  • FileSync App

    Choose the file folders you wish to keep offline and FileSync will keep them current on the web, desktop, and across your computers.

  • Easy Sharing

    Files in your online storage can be easily shared in chats, emails, webmeetings, or provided to external users as a simple link.

  • Automatic Download

    Among the items that can be automatically synchronized are not only individual files or entire folders, but also files shared within TeamChat groups.

  • Automatic Upload

    All your personal files, uploads to TeamChat, files shared in Chat or SmartAttached to emails are automatically stored, ready to be accessed offline on your desktop.

  • Documents Preview

    Preview many file formats including images, PDF and Office formats without leaving your browser or having to install anything.

See Tech Specs for More Details

IceWarp Desktop Office. The Professional Alternative to Office Products.

Get All the Tools You Need to Create, Communicate and Collaborate Like a Professional

The complete office suite is also available as installed application.

The Best Offline Experience

IceWarp Desktop Office includes the IceWarp Desktop Email Client and document editing tools, IceWarp Documents, IceWarp Spreadsheets and IceWarp Presentations. IceWarp TeamChat Desktop and IceWarp FilesSync client applications are included for free.

  • IceWarp Desktop, More than just an Email Client

    The full-featured email client IceWarp Desktop with Instant Messaging is fully integrated with the IceWarp platform, serving as an alternative to Outlook.

  • Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations

    Desktop versions of Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations provide functionality you are used to from other office packages. Users can create and edit documents in the same user environment where the web version is created.

  • FileSync, Files Online and Off-line

    The IceWarp file repository is fully synchronized to the desktop using FileSync, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You will even be able to access your data without an Internet connection.

  • TeamChat for Desktop

    Chat with the team, share and edit documents directly in the chat. TeamChat for Desktop lets you communicate without having to log into the WebClient, both in Windows and Mac.

See Tech Specs for More Details

IceWarp Cloud: 14 Day Free Trial

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IceWarp FileSync Installation on Windows

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